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Products - Joypad- PC - Doubles balloon handle
Doubles balloon handle
Item. PC918
Platform: PC
·Support MACRO,TURBO function.
·Support double motors shock function.
·Connect automatically,low power consumption.
·Support windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7.
More Details of this Product:

USB excuse dual shock handle doubles

ouble head is the master IP, single head is ZP


1. Of the handle is a double game handle, in support of the 4 axis and 12 keys

2. support for dual vibration function

3. TURBO semi automatic series and automatic repeating function AUTO

4. supporting dual mode arbitrary conversion (digital model / simulation model)

5. gasbag handle, handle the soft anti slip bag design, avoid going to play a game of sweaty palms slipped

6. using long 500000 times life conductive adhesive, durable

7. The RS 360 all-round precise control

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